Ways to help our friends and family in this disaster

Ways to help our friends and family in this disaster

In the midst of such a traumatic disaster, we are supporting each other in any way we can. While some of us are on the field helping victims, others are sharing grief and providing solidarity to the immense loss and pain.

For people who are outside of Nepal, there are other ways to help people in Nepal in this tragic situation.

  1. Nepal Red Cross Society – we can use http://www.nrcs.org/donate-nrcs to donate online
  2. Save the children – we can use Nepal Children’s Emergency Relief Fund to donate online
  3. The World Food Program – we can directly click on the link above to donate online.
  4. UNICEF – we can donate directly online
  5. Global Giving

Besides these, there are numerous other online ways to donate. Please see How to help victims of the Nepal earthquake to see more legitimate websites to donate. Nepal police has asked all of us to donate to legitimate authorities so that the fund goes to help the victims and their families.

Above all let us all pray together for Nepal and Nepali.  Staying connected with friends and family and sharing their grief counts a lot. We are all together in this massive disaster.

God help us all and our close ones. Praying for victims and their families.