Many ways to call Mother in Nepal

Nepal is a very small country of merely 147,181 square kilometers (56,827 sq mi) in area, and yet there are more than 100 caste and ethnic groups. Even amazing is the fact that it’s population is merely 30.49 million (source: The world bank. but it has around 120 native languages that is spoken here.

Mother is the first person a child knows as his own, and almost all of the time, it is the first word spoken by any child. Here are the different words used to refer mother in various languages spoken in Nepal.

Languages        Words

Nepali, Khas       Aama (आमा),  Muwa (मुवा)

Maithili                 Mai (माई)

Bhojpuri               Mai (माई),  Mahatari (महतारी)

Rajbanshi            Mai (माई)

Sanskrit               Mata (माता)

Rai (Thulung)      Maam (माम)

Rai                       Amo (आमो)

Limbu                  Ambo (आम्बो)

Tharu                  Maanhaa (माँहा)

Sherpa                Aama (आमा)

Tamang               Aama (आमा)

Awadhi                Maa (मा)

Thakuri               Muma(मुमा)

Magar                 Moi (मोई), Mui (मुई)

Newari                Maa (मा)

Saptari               Mainya (मैँया), Mya (म्या)

Marwari             Maasa (माशा)

Hindi                  Maa (मा)

Urdu                  Ammi (अम्मी)

This list represents only a small number of languages spoken in Nepal. Please let us know how you call your mother in your native language so that we could add it or correct it.

“Mummy” (which is a English word for mother) is popular these days in Nepal and many kids regardless of their native mother tongue use it to refer to their mothers. No matter how we refer to our mother, she is the first person we remember when we are sad. We may forget her when we are happy, but she is there with us physically or mentally when we suffer and are lonely. Even when we grow old enough to take of ourselves entirely, we call her when we are hurt. That is why it is said that God could not be present everywhere, so he created mother.