Being proud of who we are!!!

Being positively proud of who we are and what we have is a fundamental ticket to happiness. However, sometimes we are so focused on the negative sides that we completely overlook the enormous positive attributes we all have. That is exactly what happened to some of us when we saw an interview of Sudarshan Subedi by an American journalist Jesse Watters outside of UN General Assembly. The interview looked random, mean and demining to us but others might have found it funny including the interviewer and his news channel. He asked stupid questions to Sudarshan Subedi, who was attending the UN General Assembly as a guest from Nepal to represent an NGO for disabled people. During the interview, he did not understand the questions that were asked and also he looked nervous to answer any of them. A lot of general Nepali public do not understand and do not need to understand/speak English to do day-to-day business. Hence, being fluent in English is not a requirement as it is neither our mother language nor national language. It was childish and wrong on the interviewer part to ask such questions when he clearly knew that the interviewee did not understand his stupid questions. Also, we should not forget that it is equally wrong to feel ashamed that our fellow countryman was mocked just because he did not understand a foreign language. English is not our language, and we do not need to be proud on our ability to speak, read or write English. What we should take pride is the level of life Sudarshan Subedi has lead and the dedication he has put for the right of disabled people in Nepal. We should always be ready to defend our fellow friends no matter where we are and who we are. Importantly, we should teach our children the same values!!!

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