Positive Energy through parents

Young children are the firm believer of their parents. They believe almost everything that their parents tell them. They view their parents as the ultimate source of trust and wisdom. Small things such as choice of food or clothing to big things like views about the society or nature are all placed on a child’s heart and mind through the parents.

Whether a toddler comes to his mother for comfort when he gets hurt, or when a preschooler asks his dad a question about his body, or when a kindergartener narrates his day at school to his parent, it’s the trust that is manifested. That natural bond of belief in parents can work wonders in a child’s life in both negative and positive ways.

When a dad says something bad about his neighbor in front of his kids, they embrace the hostile feelings towards the neighbor even more than the dad actually feels. They trust and love their dad, and so whatever dad tells, it is absolute truth to them which in this scenario should not be. This creates unnecessary anxiety and negative emotions, thus charges the child’s brain with negative flow of energy.

When a mom says something really nice about a dish, a happy story connected with it, perhaps which includes her sweet childhood memories with it, kids fall in love with the whole conversation and may even like the dish, because of all the sweet and happy feelings that surround the food. There was a man who liked the bitter gourd curry because his grandmother used to cook it every time he visited her. Every time he got chance to eat it, he would remember his grandmother. There was this sweet, positive and happy connection with the curry that made him feel happy.

It is so important for the parents to be aware of feelings that they pour in the child’s heart and brain. As parents, we should never speak ill of others in front of our kids. They pick it up consciously or subconsciously, and the habit of thinking bad about people might stay with them for life. Even if we do not like a situation, we can always say “It would be better if it was this way, but that’s okay. We can do it our own way”. Let the kids figure out whether something is good or bad on their own. We can always give them our advice, if they need it, in a constructive way.

Channeling their energy and emotions towards broadness, hopefulness and happiness is very important. Positive flow of energy through parents will help them have positive perspective towards life and beyond.