Murai ko laddo (Puffed rice laddo)


Murai is puffed rice and its laddu is especially made during Maghe Sankranti along with Teel (sesame seed) ko Laddu and Chiura (beaten rice) ko laddu. Its the kids favorite among the three kinds.


  1. Murai (puffed rice) – 6 cups
  2. Gund/Sakkhar (jaggery) – 1 cup
  3. Water – 1/2 cup
  4. Milk or water – 2 tablespoon to rub on hand while making ladoos


  • In a pan, heat jaggery with water. In medium heat, let the mixture boil while stirring constantly until all the jaggery has melted and a thick sticky consistency has formed.
  • In a large bowl, put murai in it and add the jaggery syrup to it.
  • Mix with spoon and let it cool only until it is cool enough to be handled with hand.
  • Rub some milk/water in the palms and scoop a small amount of mixture and press it to form a ball. We rub some milk/water to palm so that the syrup does not stick to our palms.
  • Make the balls as quickly as possible so that the murai-syrup mixture does not get hardened before we make all the laddos. If they get hard, microwave for couple seconds so that the syrup melts just a little.
  • Extra jaggery syrup is usually recommended just in case the laddus do not get formed for some reason. Then we can add the extra syrup to the mixture little at a time to make the laddus.