Teel ko laddu (Sesame seed laddu)



Teel (Sesame seed) is very nutritious in all its forms. Teelko laddu is especially eaten during Maghe Sankranti festival which falls in the winter season. Sesame seeds are known to provide heat to the body. 


  1. Teel (Sesame seeds, black, brown or white) – 2 cups
  2. Sakhar (Jaggery) – 1 cup
  3. Water – 1/2 cup
  4. Few tablespoons of ghee.


  • Roast the sesame seed on medium heat until the aroma spreads and the seeds get the nutty¬†flavor.
  • In a separate pan or wok, heat the jaggery. Mix water. And stir it regularly until all the jaggery melts. Boil the mixture for a while until it starts to get sticky.
  • Pour half of the boiled jaggery into the sesame seed.
  • Quickly mix almost half of the seeds
  • Rub ghee in both the palms and make small balls out of teel and jaggery.
  • Once the teel-jaggery mix is almost done, pour rest of the boiled jaggery and make the teel laddus similarly.


If for some reason, teel-jaggery mixture gets hardened before you could make a ball, microwave for few seconds until jaggery melts again. Be very careful while dealing with hot jaggery. Teelko laddu can be stored in an air tight container and can be stored for several days.