Nepal in Globe. Source: wikipedia
Nepal in Globe
Source: wikipedia
Parenting is a very challenging yet rewarding task that each of us do everyday. We consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously make many parenting decisions that affect out precious children daily. Sometimes we get time to reflect back at out actions and feel about its consequences, and other times our actions go unnoticed by us. However, our kids behavior, physical and mental health and their future depends on them. Hence, as parents, we have a huge responsibility to make right choices for ourselves and our kids.

The times we spend with our children are the times we mold their behavior and relationships with us. We need not spend all day and night with them - in these busy world, its the quality of time that matters most than the quantity. An hour of fun filled activities with our kids is far more better than couple of hours of TV time.

As parents, we have to make a conscious effort to provide environment, activities, thoughts and ideas to our kids that may help them develop self confidence, physical and mental strength, empathy and responsibility towards themselves, their surrounding, and their environment.

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