Nepal in Globe. Source: wikipedia
Nepal in Globe
Source: wikipedia

Preschoolers are kids who are 3 to 5 years old. Some of the activities for them are as under:-

  • Hide and Seek - Care must be taken that kids do not hide in harmful areas like behind the door/closet or in thorny bushes.
  • Bubbles - Bubbles are fun for all ages. You can even let them try blowing bubbles by themselves.
  • Books - Let them choose their own books from library or from your own book shelves. It might be good to read 1 or two book daily before bed time or any other suitable time of the day. Kids might start recognizing words or letters in the book. Help them recognize words, but if they show no interest, that is fine. Interest for books and stories is more important than actual reading at this age.
  • Clean up time and vacuuming - Cleaning up after toys can itself be an activity that can be done together and kids love to vacuum. It will teach them about how to clean up after themselves and will eventually help them keep their rooms tidier as they grow up. We should be careful around electric plugs though.
  • Puzzles - Puzzles are great. Let them play with the puzzles of their age range and help them put them together. It will build their confidence and problem solving skills.
  • Shopping - Shopping especially grocery can be fun activity that can be done together. Let them choose the vegetables and other healthy foods. This will develop their liking for the foods they eat.
  • Pretend play - Pretend to be your kid and let them be the parent. Do some parent child activities together, like clean up, and see how they visualize your actions. You and your child can also pretend cooking or eating or having party or any other interesting thing together.

Activities for Children
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