Nepal in Globe. Source: wikipedia
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Toddlers are children who are 12 months - 35 months old. Some of the activities for them are as under:-

  • Playing peek-a-boo - In Nepali, we call this simple yet fun filled game kuku haa.
  • Hide and seek - Playing hide and seek is a very entertaining game for toddlers. They love to find out their parents and feel great joy when they are successful. It can be played inside or outside. However, great care must be taken when playing this game inside home to ensure that kids do not hide behind doors or closets as they might get their finger pinched.
  • Play catch (if the baby can walk) - Mom or dad can walk and let the child catch them or do vice versa
  • Balls - Balls are always fascinating to kids this young. You can pass the ball to the kid and let him pass it back to you
  • Bubbles - Bubbles are amazing. However, we should be careful that the younger toddler does not get to spill the bubble mixture. We can make our own bubble mix at home by mixing baby soap (tear free) with water.
  • Books - Board books are great as they do not tear off. Research shows that reading books to kids from a very young age leads to the beautiful habit of kid developing interest to read.
  • Bath time - We can make bath time interesting by letting them play in the water (if we have bath tub) or by letting them with the water (we can give them two mugs and some water in the bucket so that they can pour, spill and do whatever). However, strict supervision is required at all the times the child is around water. Also, the water should not be cold or too hot.

Activities for Children
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